Leading with Why

Example of a Co. that Leads with WHY

This video/commercial is a great example of a company that truly understands their WHY and leads with WHY in everything.

Nike is not telling us how great their brand will make us. Nike is telling us about their belief that we are all capable of doing something great and that they want us to be able to find that greatness within ourselves.

Let’s follow Nike’s Golden Circle.

WHY: We believe greatness is not something reserved for the few.

HOW: Greatness is achieved by breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes and yourself, by pushing the limits of your own expectations.

WHAT: We just happen to make athletic gear.

Want to buy some?

This is an amazing example of how Leading with WHY can penetrate beyond the simple wants and desires of your user. In the eyes of their user, their product is now supported by a belief that is beyond the bottom-line. A user is no longer buying a Nike shoe because they need a shoe and Nike is the only one in the store with the correct size. Now, that user is buying that shoe because they believe what Nike believes, they believe that greatness is something with which we are all capable of achieving and that Nike feels the same way. Nike and their user are out to achieve the same goal. That breeds loyalty and repeat business.

True, this is only one video, but I’m sure there are plenty more that are going to be spreading out all over the internet, not because people want to buy their product, but because people want to have an emotional reaction. As of this post, this video has been seen 708,000 times. That is 708,000 emotional reactions. 708,000 emotional reactions in people that believe what Nike believes.

Nike is not only achieving higher sales with these videos. They are sending a message to each of us that can make us all a little better. That is a worthy goal that extends well beyond the positive impact on their stock price.

Think about your product for a moment. How could 708,000 emotional reactions help with your WHY?

I hope this has made you better…

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