Leading with Why

Leading with Why: What is it?

When I first watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk I was more than inspired. I was motivated, exhilarated, galvanized, moved, standing in my living room applauding. The entire concept of leading with why is now my tagline in life.

I am taking that concept to the next level. This is the first in a series of posts I am calling “Leading With Why”.

What is Leading With Why?

LWW is the simple idea that people aren’t going to buy what you do, they are going to buy WHY you do it.

Basically, the core concepts of a good leader in any style are as follows: Motivator, visionary, and resourceful. I’m not trying to buck the system, but you can dig through the thesaurus and add as much to these as you want, but in my humble opinion these three concepts are what establishes the foundation for any good leader.

LWW is NOT a new type of leader. LWW is a framework for how you utilize your leadership skills and how you shape your leadership style to fit your situation. How you motivate, how you build a vision, and how you implement your resources should be based around the concept of Leading With Why.

Answering why should be at the forefront of every decision you make as a leader. Why are we building that web site? Why are we paying for that service? Why are we selling this product? And, most importantly, why are people buying what we are selling? Having a complete, or as complete as possible, answer to these types of why questions is at the core of Leading With Why.

Wait…if you read “Why are we selling this product?” and your answer was “To make money”. Stop and try to provide the same answer to the final question. You will find that your clients or customers will not particularly enjoy that answer…

Take a few moments this week and start asking the question. Remove your ego and answer the question selflessly. If you can’t, ask yourself why. You will be amazed at the doors THAT will open.

Next week I will expand on Leading With Why in “Leading With Why: The two types of why”. I hope this made you better…

See you next time…

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