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The Intimacy of Brands

Today, something extraordinary is happening at the University of Arkansas. After years and years of dedication to exclusively sell only coke products, my beloved home of the hogs is switching to Pepsi.

I had a strange reaction to this news. I actually felt an emotional tug. I only know Coke. Now, I only have vending machine access to Pepsi. It started my brain thinking about the intimacy of brands and how connected I have become to the brands I use everyday. But, why do I feel this way?

My introspection went something like this…

In theory there is nothing that different between the two products except for a slight difference in taste. In fact, when it is my only option, I have picked Pepsi and actually enjoyed it as much as Coke. But, when I’m at the store it is Coke that ends up in my trunk every single time.

I have fond memories of my Coke brand. I remember the Christmas polar bears, the commercials set in the 60’s, the ice rolling down that bright red can, and the classic bottles you can get during special times of the year. The only Pepsi commercial I can remember involves Britney Spears…

That’s the answer…security.

My infatuation with Coke has been developed over a long time. It is what I know. When I see that giant red vending machine in the halls I know exactly what is going to come out, every time. When I pop the top and hear that fizz I instantly remember sitting on a dock with a fishing pole and my grandfather. I remember my mom buying me a Coke float from Sonic after getting all A’s on my report cards. I remember Coke as a reward and is one of the few things I have every experienced that has no negative history, in my eyes at least.

Unknowingly, Coke has played a major role in my life for as long as I can remember. In some strange way it is important to me. That’s an intimate brand…

Good job Coke.

What brands are you that intimate with?

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